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What are Raw Values?

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    Raw values refer to the internal storage value of properties. Properties such as Color, Size, Position, Image, Sound, etc, are stored internally using their Raw Value equivalents. This is in contrast to Display Values, which would what the user sees – for example, the color red, or the image of a bird. Advanced work with Variables require a good understanding of the internal storage values of Properties.

    Enabling Raw Value Editing: Under Settings, there are two options related to Raw Values. The first, Raw Value Editing, enables access to both Raw and Visual property values. The second, Raw Value Display, shows Raw values instead of Display values. The recommended Settings for normal use are Raw Value Editing: On and Raw Value Display: Off.

    Editing Raw Values: Once Raw Value Editing is enabled, you’ll see a blue ‘i’ in a circle to the left of each Property within an editor. To edit the Raw Value, tap on the blue ‘i’. To edit the Display Value, click to the left of the ‘i’ as normal.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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