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    A page is the background or canvas of your app. Within a single page encompasses all the objects and scripts within those objects. You can add more pages via the Page Icon in the Icon Palette, or copy or clone existing pages (complete with all of that page’s objects and scripts).

    Edit Page Properties: If you want to edit a page, tap anywhere on the screen to open up the Page’s Editor. From here you can edit a page such as giving it a name as well as a background color, image, or video.

    Note: Image supersedes color, and video supersedes both image and color.

    Add Pages: To add more pages, tap on the green Pages icon from the pallette in the upper left, then tap the green “plus” icon to the right of any existing pages. Your new page(s) will now show up in the top navigation bar to the right of the previously created page(s). You can also add new Page(s) from the App Editor using the green plus sign next to the Pages heading.

    Delete or Reorder Pages: To delete pages, click on Edit App in the upper left corner to open the App Editor. Under the Pages heading, you’ll see a list of all the pages currently in your app. To delete or reorder pages, click on the red minus sign next to the Pages heading.

    To delete a Page, click on the red minus circle you want to delete.

    To reorder a Page, click and hold the hamburger stack to the right of a Page and drag up or down in the list to re order.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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