Frequently Asked Questions


Creating with Wyz Kits

What will my child create with Wyz kits?

Every month kids will be creating different types of web apps. Depending on which Kit you select (based on your child’s experience level) your child will be learning to create everything from interactive story books to games and puzzles!

My child is younger than the recommended age, can my child still use Wyz Kits?

Yes! We recommend, if your child is younger, that the Discovery Series would be the best place to start. Note that support from an adult will likely be needed.  For the Game Maker Series, if your child is younger than the recommended age but has experience and feels comfortable creating apps in the Discovery Series, we encourage kids to give the Game Maker Series a try! If it’s not a good fit we’ll happily issue a refund.

What background knowledge will my child need to be able to use Wyz Create?

Your child does not need any coding knowledge to use Wyz Kits or Wyz Create. Our app-making platform uses visual drag-and-drop objects and a huge scripting library so kids can jump right into building real, powerful web apps without the common frustrations of traditional programming.

NOTE – We do recommend that for our more advanced Kit, the Game Maker Series, that your child be comfortable with Wyz Create, and have a familiarity with coding/programming principles as the Series is considered intermediate-advanced.

How much time does each kit take to complete?

The Build section‘s video tutorials for each kit should take close to an hour. (These videos are divided for easy stopping points if you need to take breaks.) Depending on your series subscription, you’ll have various additional content (like App-Making Challenges and Bonus Hacks!) that will give your child many more opportunities for creation time throughout the month.

Tech Questions

What is a web app?

A web app is very similar to an app that you might have on your phone, only you can access it from all mobile devices or computers, not just iPhones or Android phones.  A unique URL address is assigned to your particular web app and when you access the URL, the created webapp will be there, universally sharable to whomever you choose to share it with.

Are there any system or device requirements for using Wyz Create for my Wyz Kit?

An iPad or M1 Mac are required along with a system update of iOS 12.0 or higher.

Using 2 devices, which should I download Wyz Create on and which should I sign into my Kits?

We recommend downloading and using Wyz Create on an iPad and then signing into your Wyz Create account on a computer or iPad to follow along with the Kit’s Build tutorials on a separate screen.

Using 1 device, how do I log into my account and use the tutorials?

Log into your Wyz Create account. Then tap the picture-in-picture icon at the top right of your Wyz Create app to follow the tutorials from right within Wyz Create on your iPad!

If you’re not already logged into your Wyz Create account via My Cloud in the Wyz Create app, you’ll need to log in through this picture-in-picture window to proceed.

How can I download Wyz Create?

You can download Wyz Create directly from the Apple App Store here.

What type of media am I allowed to import into my Wyz Create app / website?

You can upload images, videos, sounds, and datasets that you have rights to use, to your Wyz Create account. Remember, however, WKL and Wyz Create have a guideline on user-appropriate media that can be published. We urge you not to use personal information media and if you are under 13 years old, you are required to ask permission from your parental guardian(s).

More about our Community Guidelines,  Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use here.

What formats should my media be in for uploading?

If you want to import media, Wyz Create accepts the following formats, listed by media type: 

Images: .jpg / .jpeg (preferred), .png, .gif

Video: .mp4 (preferred), .m4v, .avi

Sound: .mp3 only

Datasets: .xlsx

Account Management

Can I give Wyz Kits as a gift?

Yes! Simply add the information of the person you’d like to give a Wyz Kit gift to in the “Who is this Wyz Kit Series for” page. This information is separate from the purchasing portion of checkout.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel a subscription during the period you will be able use the Kits you have already received. We will refund your original form of payment for the remaining Kit cost and you will no longer receive any additional Kits.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sad to see you go, but we are ready to assist you. Please email  with the subject line “Subscription Cancelation”. In the body of your email please let us know your contact information and subscription email address and we will be able to cancel your subscription. We will email you back as soon as the cancellation is complete.

“My son is very passionate about video games and had a strong desire to create something of his own. Wyz Create gave him the platform that he needed to bring his ideas to life. The Wyz Create platform has a smart design and with enough time your child will be able to create something awesome!”

– Candice M.