Imagine. Create. Share.

An intuitive app-making platform so powerful, it’s like the computer is speaking your language.

Fun & Easy to Use

Apps are just a few taps away!

Use the drag-&-drop objects to build apps and tap to add action scripts that bring your app ideas to life.

Unleash Creativity

Wyz Create’s powerful capabilities grow with kids’ learned skills.

Where will a programming foundation take your child?

Skill Building

Kids learn critical thinking and computational logic without the frustration that often comes from traditional coding.

More fun, less stress.

Create Visually

Kids use drag-and-drop objects and natural language programming to bring their ideas to life.



Tap to Script

With over 180 action scripts in the scripts library, kids give the computer instructions in their own language. So skip the not-so-fun hurdles of syntax errors that come with traditional coding – this is coding creatively!

Built for Beginners to Grow

Spark a passion for creative computing with a fun foundation in app-making. Build upon new skills with the limitless creativity that’s possible with this robust platform.

Share Your Web Apps Everywhere

Wyz Create apps run on any browser regardless of device type, making it easy to share everywhere.

Web Apps Made in Wyz Create

Click below to explore a variety apps made by the Wyz Create team


Read what parents and kids are saying about Wyz Create

“It helps you make great apps easily!”

– Cuteybubble191

“I now have 13 apps in the store with my most pricey at $8.99. This app delivers. My ideas, none of which are games, have education values. I’m starting to make money. The best app. It now makes money. Get this app.”

– iPadition

“Literally an easy app maker. Good for making fun games”

– 1013826

“Awesome app”

– Bloobity

“I love this app maker! This app maker has inspired me to make a lot of apps, it is easy to understand, fun, and exciting…believe it or not, I am 11 years old and got my first app published in the App Store within a few weeks. You can check and try out my apps in the apps store.  It is one of the most easiest app-makers I’ve ever seen. This is a great beginning app for developers who don’t know advanced programs, such as C++ but want to make apps. It is really easy to make apps.”

– RicAndRoy

“Guess That Car” & “Traffic Rush”

“Great app! Had fun using it!”

– BenOP914