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Empower kids to program with app-making kits delivered to your inbox every month

Everything Kids Need to Be App-Makers.

Each Wyz Kit sends kids on a new app-making adventure equipped with expertly created instructional videos and helpful learning materials that guide them through their app-building process within our free Wyz Create app – a fun and easy-to-use programming platform (available on iOs).

Welcome to the world of creative app-making!

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How It Works

Learn to build apps with our intuitive app-making platform and monthly project kits

Kids can go from game players to game creators.

Wyz Create

An app-making platform that presents powerful programming fundamentals in an intuitive way.

Visual Drag & Drop Canvas

Programmable Objects

Library of Action Scripts

Easy to Share Apps

🍎 Note: Wyz Create is currently only available on iOS and is best used on an iPad or M1 Mac.

How to Get Started

Get Your Wyz Kit

Order your Wyz Kit Series and receive your first kit instantly in your Wyz Create account! 

Download Wyz Create

Download the Wyz Create app from the iOS App Store to your iPad or M1 Mac– no setup needed!

Build & Share

Jump into your kit instructional videos, printable guides, adventure games and more to bring your app to life!

What’s In a Wyz Kit?

Each Wyz Kit in your series is based on a new adventure theme each month and includes:

1. Main App Project

The sample app you’ll be building that month

2. Video Tutorials

Step-by-step video app-making tutorials

3. Digital + Printable Kit Guide

 Convenient online and offline materials

4. App-Making Challenges

Use your new skills to build your own unique app

5. Exploration Themes + Games 

Dive into that month’s theme through fun facts & knowledge games (Discovery Series only)

6. Bonus Hacks

Tips for taking your apps to the next level


Main App Project


Video Tutorials


Printable Guide


App-Making Challenges


Exploration Games


Bonus Hacks

Share Your Creativity

Sharing your creations with the world is easy with Wyz Create.  Every web app you create generates its own url which you can share with friends and family regardless of device.

Adventure-Filled App Projects

Each monthly kit has a featured app project you’ll learn to create yourself.

Explore a live example app below!

Every Month is a New App-Making Adventure

What Parents Are Saying

“Great class! My son absolutely enjoyed playing and making his own game from scratch. Ms. Amanda was very patient and thorough. I highly recommend this class. Thank you!”

– Dalen

“My son is very passionate about video games and had a strong desire to create something of his own. Wyz create gave him the platform that he needed to bring his ideas to life. The Wyz create platform has a smart design and with enough time your child will be able to create something awesome!”

– Candice M.

“Great class for kids interested in an intro to mobile app making. Our 8 year old was able to follow along with the teacher even though the material was all new to her. The teacher was patient and thorough.”

– Kimberly A.

– Why Wyz Create? –

Powerful Coding Made Simple

Kids of all ages can jump right into developing impressive apps using the Wyz Create platform which features Wyz Code – a programming language where the computer has learned to understand how humans speak so that you don’t have to worry about missing semicolons, and instead can focus on bringing your ideas to life!

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