Make Your Own Amazing Apps

Wyz Create is a powerful, easy-to-use and open-ended app making platform that lets you turn your app ideas into a reality. No fighting through complicated syntax. No restrictive templates. Your imagination is the limit!

Easy to use

Drag & drop objects.
Choose scripts. Repeat.
You’ve got this.


Let data drive your app with
easy spreadsheet integration.
Monetize your apps, including
in-app purchases. Implement
complex logic & functions.


Share your creations on the web with a unique weblink, or embed your app on any website. Access and edit your Apps across all your iOS devices.


Why outsource when you can
DIY your own high-quality apps
and save some cash?

What will you Create?

Create anything you can imagine.
Here are some ideas to get you started.

Web Shareable Games

Create your own games & share them with friends or published them.

Business-Specific Data Driven Apps

For internal use or customer interfacing. Easily integrate data, add in-app purchases and more.

Multi-Media Lessons & Presentations

Slideshows are so 2010. Engage learning with interactive apps instead.

Lifestyle Blog or Journaling App

Create your journal, your way. Add your own images, or voice record your entries.

Share Your Own Videos

Show off your videography skills. Organize your collection and share with friends.

Multi-User Polling App

Design your own poling, add your own images, invite friends. Track your guest list and personalize responses.

Travelogues & Photo Albums

Share your adventures with photos, videos, voice recording and more.

Video Recipe Apps

Collect all your favorites in one place. Access and edit across all your devices, anytime, anywhere.

Audio-visual Animated Storybooks

Tell your story with text-to- speech, animation, sounds, and interactive elements.

Musical Beat Maker

You choose the beat! Create music, art and more.

Custom Flashcards & Study Guides

Create your own flashcard and custom quizzes. Use our datasets or add your own. Challenge your friends.

What users are saying…

We love Wyz Create! It has inspired us to make a lot of apps. It is easy to understand, fun & exciting. Believe it or not, we are 11 years old .

Rick & Roy


With no programming experience, I held out the slim hope that this app would help me create the app which I envisaged.
All Ican say is that it did. The app design and
format helps the app making process to be
rewarding rather than painful.


This is a fantastic app, does all that it states. It is
so easy to create an app.
I wish I had found this sooner, could have saved myself some money.


Plenty of useful object types, easy to tap and assign scripts, and you can use sliders and dials to change object sizes and angles. Very slick!


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