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Powerful & Intuitive App-Making for Everyone

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Imagine. Create. Share.

Intuitive app-making so powerful, it’s like the computer is speaking your language.

Easy to Use

Drag and drop objects to build your app and tap to select scripts to make it come alive.

Welcome to intuitive app-making.



Create professional and data-driven apps with our robust scripts library and dataset integration.

More power. Less Stress.

app freedom

Share your apps everywhere instantly on any browser or embed them on a website.

This is universal app sharing. 

App-Making for Everyone

From beginners, to professionals, and kids.





Create Visually

Drag & drop objects from the object palette into your app and customize them to fit your style

Tap to Script

With over 180 scripts in the scripts library, your apps can easily be made as complex as you’d like.

Make It Data-Driven

Seamlessly integrate large amounts of data to make sophisticated apps for business, education, or for fun.  SQL capabilities allow you to sort, organize, and manipulate your data as you wish.

Share Your Web Apps Everywhere

Wyz Create apps run on any browser regardless of device type, making it easy to share everywhere.

Web Apps Made in Wyz Create

Click below to explore a variety of business, home, education, and game apps

Fun Tutorials to Help You Get Started

Take your app-making skills to the next level by heading over to our Learning Lab

Intro to App-Making with Wyz Create – Learn to build apps in less than an hour!

A series of bite-sized videos designed to give you a foundation of knowledge and confidence to jump into Wyz Create to start creating. Wyz Create is a powerful platform with a ton of capabilities, and this course will give you an introduction to many of those capabilities. Either sit back and enjoy the show, or feel free to jump right into your Wyz Create app to follow along. We can't wait to see what you create!

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5 Steps to Your First App

Create your first app in 10 minutes! This overview covers the basics of app-making with Wyz Create. You'll learn how to add & edit pages, add & edit objects, how to work with triggers and scripts, and finally how to run and customize your app.  All the necessary ingredients for app-making in just 5 bite-size videos!

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App-Making Basics for Kids

Jump right into the basics of app-making with a fun digital storybook tutorial! Create pages, add text & objects, and program your storybook app to flip from one page to another in less than 10 minutes. At the end of this tutorial you'll know how to make dynamic multi-page apps to get you started on your app-making journey. Ready? Let's go!

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Live Coding Classes for Kids

We have learning resources specially made to get kids started with app-making, including live video lessons on Outschool

Awesome Mobile-App-Making: Create Your Own Game of Hidden Treasure

Students will gain foundational app-making knowledge and programming skills while learning to design and build mobile apps to share with friends and family. No previous coding/programming knowledge is required for this beginner’s lesson.

What Our Users Are Saying

“It helps you make great apps easily!”

– Cuteybubble191

“I now have 13 apps in the store with my most pricey at $8.99. This app delivers. My ideas, none of which are games, have education values. I’m starting to make money. The best app. It now makes money. Get this app.”

– iPadition

“Literally an easy app maker. Good for making fun games”

– 1013826

“Awesome app”

– Bloobity

“I love this app maker! This app maker has inspired me to make a lot of apps, it is easy to understand, fun, and exciting…believe it or not, I am 11 years old and got my first app published in the App Store within a few weeks. You can check and try out my apps in the apps store.  It is one of the most easiest app-makers I’ve ever seen. This is a great beginning app for developers who don’t know advanced programs, such as C++ but want to make apps. It is really easy to make apps.”  

– RicAndRoy

“Guess That Car” & “Traffic Rush”

“Great app! Had fun using it!”

– BenOP914

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